Clean room is a high technology that improves production quality, shortens production time leading to lower production cost.


What is a clean room?


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It is clear that the purpose of a clean room is to clean. However, cleanrooms can be generalized for many purposes.
Clean rooms are classified according to the cleanliness of their air. The easiest to understand and most commonly applied method is the one proposed in versions of 'Federal Standard 209' up to version 'D', where the number of particles is equal to and greater than 0.5 0 ,5m is measured in an air mass and this quantity is used to classify the room.

In a room, there are particle generation activities taking place in the room; if the room is empty, very low particle concentrations can be easily achieved. However, if the room is filled with production equipment in it and operating, there will be a greater concentration of particles. This is why cleanrooms are classified in many classes.

Clean room class

Classes of cleanrooms can be defined depending on the industry mandate. Defining the classes of a cleanroom should be scrutinized because the difference leads to a large cost effect. There are six classes of Cleanrooms from Class 1 to Class 100,000 according to US STD 209E
Clean room standards.

Class 1: These rooms are used only by integrated circuit manufacturers that produce sub-micron geometries.
Class 10: These rooms are used by semiconductor manufacturers that produce integrated circuits with line widths less than 2 Lờim.
Grade 100: Used where a bacteria-free or particle-free environment is required in the production of manufactured sterile injectables. Required for implant or transplant surgery. Isolate immunosuppressed patients, eg after bone marrow transplantation.
Class 1,000 : Manufacture of high-quality optical equipment. Assemble and test precision gyros. Miniature bearing assembly.
Class 10,000 : Assembly of popular hydraulic or pneumatic devices, servo control valves, precision timing devices, high-end gearboxes.
Class 100,000 : General optical work, assembly of electronic components, hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies.


US Fed STD STD 209E clean room standard.



Clean room, class 10


Clean room, class 100

Clean room, class 1.000


Clean room, class 10.000


Clean room, class 100.000

............... In addition to the US FED STD 209E standard, the cleanroom class can also be defined by the ISO standard which is ' ISO 140,644 -1' as the table below.


Clean room standards ISO 14644 -1



 Clean room installation



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